Durban Poison Hemp Flower


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Durban Poison

Type: Sativa 

Taste: Sticky, sweet fruit, tinges of mint, strong herbal spice, little bit of pepper

Effects: Energy, alertness, awake, motivation, mood booster

The Durban Poison strain releases dense, puffy clouds of smoke that scrape the throat and leave a thin film around the soft tissues of the mouth. The woody, organic taste of hemp can be pretty overwhelming at the start, as the smoke coats your palate in its thick, grassy flavor. But once you get past that phase, the cultivar takes on a more fruity flavor, with the tangy sourness of citrus front and center. Hints of mint, herbs, and pepper ring gently in the background, creating a dynamic flavor that’s just as lively as the bud’s effects. Just when you think it’s over, a twang of gasoline sucker-punches you in the back of the throat, rounding off the entire experience for a complete spectrum of flavor. The heady experience first resonates in your mind, clearing away mental clutter to pave the way for razor sharp clarity and concentration. As your mind is restructured for productivity, the rest of your body experiences a strong, tingly buzz that courses through your spine, arms, and legs, giving you the feeling of overflowing energy just begging to be let out. The effects are pretty fast-acting and they last for quite a while. Creative and concentrated, the Durban Poison strain is beloved by hemp connoisseurs for its lucid effects that don’t intoxicate or overpower your system. With zero trace of couch-lock, this cultivar keeps you completely in control, awake, and alert so you can go about your day with that extra kick of energy.

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