Purple Panties CBD Hemp Flower (21.48% Cannabinoids)


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Purple Panties

Type: Indica

Taste: Very piney, extremely terpy, little bit of fruit, and a diesel undertone that is present throughout

Effects: Relaxation, IcyHot cooling but moving, increased libido, tension relief

The sexy, smooth smoke produced by the Purple Panties strain glides effortlessly through the throat, leaving traces of gasoline as it passes through your mouth and into your lungs. Fruit and pine retain their powerful potency, with the flavors readily evident during the smoke experience. The delicate tastes caress the taste buds and linger, saturating your senses with their strong essence. Known as a great “intimate” strain, you’ll understand where this sexy flower derives its name in no time! It gives an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation, but unlike other cultivars that put the body in a state of numbness, Purple Panties causes a gentle buzz to course through the system, ultimately resulting in a full-body tingle that increases sensitivity. The pleasant experience has been said to enhance libido while releasing tension throughout the body, so we definitely recommend this as a nightcap when you’re ready to chill (or not) for the rest of the night.

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